Sunday, July 29, 2007

Going back to Zambia

Well it has been a crazy four weeks, but tomorrow I will be flying out of the states and heading back to Zambia. It was rather strange being back home but it was good to see so many people. Believe it or not but I think that I had more culture shock coming back here than when I arrived in Zambia some 14 months ago. Much is the same but a lot has changed at home in the time I've been gone.

This was my first time to meet my nephew Zimmie and he is a load of fun. I can't wait to get back next year and spend more time with him.

I also got the chance to go to the wedding of one of my best friends, Mark. This was my first time meeting his wife Tara and I think Mark is a lucky guy.

I have past the half way mark on my Peace Corps journey. I know that this next year is going to go by really fast and I can't wait for all the adventures.


Anonymous Paola said...

Hey it's Paola! I'm glad to see you are back in Zambia. Zimmie is beautiful! I've been thinking of you and your folks and hope you're doing well. Drop me a line if you get a
Take Care!

2:41 PM  
Blogger judithburton204 said...

I was googling the names of some former students (that's what we old retired teachers do for fun on Friday nights!)when I came across this site. As your fifth grade writing teacher, may I say that I am glad to see that you are using your writing talents, as well as so many others that you have gained in the years since I taught you. I am amazed at what you are doing these days. I've enjoyed reading all your blogs as well as seeing your family again in your photos. Lora's little one is so cute! I am living in Springfield, Tennessee now after teaching for 30 years in Orlando. I live near my mom, my sister and her family and my son,Jake,his wife and two children. I work at the local once a week newspaper as a graphic designer (who knew?).Keep up the important work that you are doing and know that I will be keeping up with your site. Give my love to your family. Judy Burton

1:37 AM  

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