Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Back to reality...sort of

All good holidays come to an end. I'm back in North Western Province in Zambia now and it's not quite the tropical paradise Zanzibar is.

We spent the last few days of the trip in Stonetown. None of us wanted to leave but as we were all out of money we had to. I'm sure I'll be back in Zanzibar some day though.

I am glad to get a start on 2008. This is another year of big change. I'll be done with the Peace Corps in four months and I am in the process of figuring out what is next. I've got a few ideas brewing but if you've got any ideas, shoot 'em my way. Especially of they involve more globe trotting.


Blogger Paola R said...

Hey Chris,

I'm glad to see that you have updated your blog! I enjoy readying about your travels, sounds so exciting, new, and adventurous!
I really like what you wrote about Brett, you hit the nail on the head, he was sooo very proud of you and admired you more than you know, he was always gushing about his lil' brother and your many accomplishements! You couldn't be more right "it is very different without him".....

What are you plans after the PC? Moving to Raleighwood and bringing my favorite canine?!! ;)

Email me at pmrunc@gmail when you get a chance!


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