Thursday, September 07, 2006

At Home At Site!

Well folks, I am now back in Solwezi after a two week stint in the lovely town of Shukwe. My first stay in the bush went over very well. I have met many people in the community that it looks like I might be working with and I have settled into my new house quite well. The people in the village are great and they are very excited to have me there for the next two years.
I live in Kilaka Village within the town of Shukwe. The Kilaka Family has become my adoptive family and has helped me become part of the community. Mrs. Kilaka is a wonderful cook and I eat with the family at least once a day. Mr. Kilaka is very involved in the community and has been a great help in my meeting of the folks I will be working with.
Life in the bush is led at quite a different pace than we are used to in the states. People always have the time to stop and talk and everyone is very close within the community. Everyone is very welcoming and is completely interested in what ever it is that you might be discussing with them at the moment.
I do have to admit that the slow pace of things in the village is going to take some getting used too. But the comfort of good people and, at times, a good book cures what ails you in a jiffy. The people of Shukwe are very interested in teaching me as much about their culture as they can in two years and I am stoked to be getting started on this endeavor.
All the extra time in the village gives you a lot of time to think about things and reconsider the way in which you look upon the world. I am sure that this experience is going to change me in more ways than I can know at this early stage. I know it sounds a bit cliché, but it's true. When you meet someone that wants nothing other than to have the ability to grow enough food in the next rainy season to feed their family all year long, it makes you rethink some of the priorities you hold in your life.

I will hopefully be adding some pictures to my flickr site in the next few days so check back very soon! I hope that all is well in the states.

Peace, Love and Happy Moments of delightful stupidity!